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Applied Mathematics Series

This series contains mathematical tables, manuals and studies of special interest to physicists, engineers, chemists, biologists, mathematicians and others engaged in scientific and tech nical work. Some of the publications are reissues of the Mathematical Tables prepared by members of the Project for the Computation of Mathematical Tables. This series was published from 1948 to 1973.
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by Abramowitz, Milton (editor); Stegun, Irena A. (editor)
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"Trivia question: What is the most cited work in the mathematical literature? With an estimated 40,000 citations, the Handbook of Mathematical Functions may well be it. Edited by Milton Abramowitz and Irene Stegun and released by the National Bureau of Standards in 1964, the Handbook was the result of a ten-year project to compile essential information on the special functions of applied mathematics (e.g., Bessel functions, hypergeometric functions, and orthogonal polynomials) for use in...
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Topics: Functions, Mathematics--Tables